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Glen Dance Studio Prices and Procedures 

Prices are based on a 10 month school year consisting of at least 32 classes from September to June regardless of holidays, snow days, short or long months.  Holidays will be announced.  You may not skip a monthly payment.  Make-up classes are available and must be completed by the end of the school year.

There is $25 non-refundable registration fee due at time of registration to hold your spot in the class.


Tuition Options 2023-2024 SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Option One:

There are ten monthly payments from September to June.

Payments can be put on your debit/credit card each month.

Please fill out an authorization form. 

If your card is declined, we must receive payment by the first day of the next month or you will be charged a late fee.

One Class A Week                 10 Payments of $80 A Month

Two Classes A Week             10 Payments of $155 A Month

Three Classes A Week           10 Payments of $225 A Month

Four to Six Classes A Week  10 Payments of $290 A Month

Unlimited Classes A Week    10 Payments of $350 A Month 


Option Two:

There are two half year payments due in September and in January.

Half year discounts will be forfeited if 2nd payment is not paid by January 31st.  

Cash, Credit Card, and Checks are accepted.

One Class A Week                 2 Payments of $390 (Save $20)

Two Classes A Week             2 Payments of $735 (Save $30)

Three Classes A Week           2 Payments of $1080 (Save $40)

Four to Six Classes A Week    2 Payments of $1425 (Save $50)

Unlimited Classes A Week    2 Payments of $1720 (Save $60)


Dress Code for Dance Classes

For all classes:  Hair back and limited jewelry, No jeans. Dance shoes should not be worn outside 

Dancewear for all classes available at Glen Dance Studio. 

Dancewear for all classes (except Hip Hop) available at


Leotard and tights (with skirt optional)

Legwarmers optional

Pink ballet slippers (Level 3 and higher, we suggest split sole shoes)

Pointe Shoes for Pointe classes (with permission only) 


Leotard and Tights

Shorts, skirts, legwarmers or dance pants optional

Tan Mary Jane Tap shoes for Pre-Combo through Level 2

Tan Slip-On Oxford Tap Shoes for Levels 3-5


Leotard and Tights

Shorts, Skirts, legwarmers or dance pants optional

Slip On Black Split Sole Jazz Shoes


T-Shirt, Tank Top or Leotard

Dance pants, Sweatpants, or Shorts

Black Sparkle Studio Sneakers

NO JEANS and Hair MUST be back


Leotard and Footless Tights (NO footed tights)

Shorts, skirts, legwarmers or dance pants optional

Pirouettes (NO Ballet slippers or Jazz shoes)


Leotard –No t-shirts

Dance pants or footless tights

Bare feet for class



Leotard and Tights (any color)

Skirts are optional

Pink Ballet Slippers

Tan Mary Jane Tap Shoes





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